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Teli, Mali (44).jpg (50587 bytes) Not surprisingly for an area which has been a major tourist destination for centuries, there are fairly reasonable facilities including decent hotels, food and even wine, at least in the main towns of Bandiagara and Sangha.

Even the tiny villages seem to be able to conjure up cold beer and fresh food and, although we never actually stayed in them ourselves (just lunch), the auberges seemed to offer basic, comfortable amenities, such as sleeping on the roof (and sometimes even showers!).  This sounds awful, but in those temperatures, with a mosquito net, it is actually quite pleasant.

Teli, Mali (118).jpg (77118 bytes) On arriving in Bandiagara, we tried the Hotel Kambary (Cheval Blanc), an interesting bit of Swiss architecture, but sadly this was full of package tourists and, by all local accounts a bit of a tourist trap.  Next on the road into town the recently completed Hotel la Falaise was surprisingly comfortable, cheap and very welcoming;  courtyard hotel funded by Swiss girlfriend of "Papa".  Clean, air-conditioned rooms with basic en-suite

Simple restaurant, but with good fresh food cooked to order.  Good bar and they even had drinkable wine, Cotes du Rhone at 10.

Tel.: +223  244 2128

40 a/c room.

If you want to stay in Sangha, the Hotel Guina has all the essentials including air-conditioned rooms, restaurant and a decent bar.

Tel.: 00 870 76 35 77 89

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