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Although you can travel without guides, your experience will be considerably enhanced by ravelling with a local, preferably Dogon, guide.  Not only will they make sure that you do not miss what you came to see, but also as a courtesy to the local inhabitants, not to mention the important contribution you and they can make to the local economy.

Keen photographers may wish to purchase some cola nuts as gifts for the photogenic locals who seem happy enough to pose for a handful of these prized commodities.

You can either take a fully inclusive tour, or hire guides by the day, with or without transport.


Barou   Man  

Our guide was Oumar Dolo, aka Barou, who speaks English, French and Dogon.  He is a native Dogon, has spent his life in the region and is an experienced guide, particularly sensitive to the needs of photographers. 

Barou is based in Bandiagara, and can be contacted by email or telephone:



Mobile:     00 223 6 84 24 69 

Landline:  00 223 2442 905

Fax.:        00 223 2442 388

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Also recommended by a fellow traveller is Mamadou Traore (or 'Man' for short), a professional Dogon guide speaking English, French, Bambara, Peul, and several Dogon dialects. He was born about 1970, the son of a Dogon artist. He entered the tourism business at an early age, and has been guiding both package tours and individual tourists around Dogon country, Timbuktu, Djenne, Mopti, etc for more than fifteen years.

Telephone: +223.9106102

For more details visit his web site


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